Immuno-histology & Bioinformatic


The combined expertise of basic, translational and clinical research

In addition to immunopharmacology studies, Mi-mAbs evaluates the distribution of the therapeutic target in normal and pathological tissues, in human and mice (for the surrogate antibody).

In collaboration with the "histology" platform of the CIML and the "experimental histopathology" platform (ICEP) of the CRCM/IPC, Mi-mAbs determines the expression and localization of novel therapeutic targets and biomarkers on sections of healthy and pathological tissues (autoimmune diseases, inflammation and cancers).

Driving large-scale (one or more biomarkers in 500 to 1,000 biological samples simultaneously) using different techniques (immunostaining on frozen tissue and included in paraffin tissue microarrays, imaging...), these studies contribute to the validation of the target and potential related biomarkers (quantitative analysis in situ). In the era of personalized medicine, the latter will permit stratification of patients in future trials of antibodies candidates and monitor response to treatment over time.

Beyond, these data reveal the non-involved tissue and organs recognized by the antibodies (most of the time, the expression of therapeutic targets is  not limited to only inflammatory tissue or tumors).

These data are completed by bioinformatics analysis of the expression of the target and related markers both in human and mouse. MI-mAbs, in collaboration with CRCM and CIML, has set up specific tools to measure gene expression in different immune cell populations and sub-populations. To drive these measures MI-mAbs has access to public bioinformatic databases and databases of the Marseille site (data from studies conducted on normal tissues and tumors).