A platform dedicated to academia and industry

The Mi-mAbs platform is open to both « target discoverers » in academic research and developers of antibodies of the biopharmaceutical industry. Mi-mAbs provides access conditions and partnership models tailored to these two types of clients.

Academic projects

Once the feasibility of the project is evaluated with the applicant team, the latter is subject to the Steering Committee, which examines its chances of success and classe projects according to strategic priorities and the availability of the platform.

Once the project is selected, the applicant team brings the necessary funding for its implementation (ANR, European funding...) and Mi-mAbs invoices its services at full cost. Intellectual property (except for the case of major and demonstrated input by Mi-mAbs or specific financing agreement) remains the possession of the applicant organization.


Industrial projects

Mi-mAbs evaluates the feasibility of the project submitted by the applicant company. At all stages, the Executive Committee of Mi-mAbs ensures confidentiality. In this context, evaluation by the Steering Committee is strictly limited to the resources and the economic aspect of the project, its contents remain the sole responsibility of the Executive Committee of Mi-mAbs.

Once the project is selected, Mi-mAbs invoice its services at full cost. Intellectual property as well as the results achieved by Mi-mAbs remains the exclusive property of the applicant company.