Additional services


Providing services at the R&D grade

Beyond the integrated therapeutic target validation  in the field of cancer and inflammation, Mi-mAbs also offers services at the R&D grade.

Development of monoclonal antibody in the mouse or rat

  • Immunogens: proteins, peptides or cells.
  • Immunization of animals over 30 days
  • Cell fusion with PEG
  • Selection of hybridomas  producing  IgG
  • Functional screening by ELISA / Cytometry / immunohistology of hybridomas of interest

Chimeric antibody gene cloning of a given isotype

  • Cloning of variable genes from hybridoma for mouse and rat by PCR with a set of validated primers
  • Cloning (for production in CHO) eukaryotic expression vector with different isotypes (mouse IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, IgG1aglycosyle, rat IgG1, IgG2a, IgG2b, human IgG1, IgG4 stabilized, IgG1 modified with mutations allowing increased ADCC)
  • Humanization of the best candidates

Gram scale production in mammalian CHO cells and purification of monoclonal antibodies from hybridomas

  • Production in roller bottles
  • Purification on protein A or protein G resin
  • Quality controls: purity, protein assay, and endotoxin level

Modification of monoclonal antibodies

  • Coupling of monoclonal antibodies in the form of ADC to cleavable and non-cleavable auristatins with linker molecules
  • Enzymatic  digestion (Fab, F(ab')2) fragmentation and purification of these formats
  • Coupling with fluorochromes, enzymes