Experimenter at tissue culture hood MI-mAbs

IAMA France has chosen MI-mAbs as one key partner for the development of its innovative immunotherapy antibodies

IAMA France will take full advantage of MI-mAbs’ integrated innovation platform for the development of therapeutic antibody candidates in the fields of infectious diseases and cancer.

MI-mAbs, the French demonstrator of immunotherapy antibodies, today announced that it has signed an agreement with IAMA France, a Paris-based biotechnology company, to develop antibodies, within their immunotherapy program, targeted against infectious diseases and cancers.

Following on an initial fruitful collaboration with MI-mAbs, IAMA France has now entrusted the platform with the task of generating part of the antibodies within their immunotherapy programs. IAMA has already consulted MI-mAbs for scientific advice towards completion of a strategic development plan that should optimize their antibody R&D process. In the framework of the agreement announced today, MI-mAbs will generate antibodies in recombinant formats, produce and select the best candidates among them, deploying its full expertise in early antibody development.

“We look forward to this exciting collaboration with IAMA France”, said François Romagné, Scientific Director of MI-mAbs. “It is a good example of the kind of projects that we had in mind when building MI-mAbs, projects that use our platform as a remote laboratory, and our expertise and know-how to navigate the different steps of early-stage antibody development. We hope to work hand-in-hand with IAMA France in this exciting project”.

“MI-mAbs’ platform gathers a tremendous amount of knowledge in the development of therapeutic antibodies, we were very impressed with our first experience working with them”, said Samuel Salot, in charge of R&D operations for IAMA France. “We particularly appreciated the team’s professionalism, knowledge in immunotechnologies and transparency, key elements for companies like ours that externalize part of their R&D processes. We look forward to starting the generation of our immunotherapy antibodies”.

Financial details on the agreement are not disclosed.