Experimenter at tissue culture hood MI-mAbs

Past events


Date: From 2019-12-10  to 2019-12-11
Location:  Marseille, France

Together with big pharma, biotech and diagnostic companies, BioFIT operates as a platform to build partnerships for all public and private actors.

Predict Tumour model

Date: From 2019-12-04  to 2019-12-06
Location:  London

Festival of Biologic

Date: From 2019-10-15  to 2019-10-17
Location:  Basel

EBDC 2019

Date: From 2019-09-25  to 2019-09-26
Location:  Heidelberg

Bioproduction des immunothérapies

Date: On 2019-09-24
Location:  Paris, France

Do not miss the presentation of S. Blanchin "Bioproduction of therapeutic antibodies in CHO cells, always the “gold standard”"

Séminaire 2019 Canceropôle PACA

Date: From 2019-07-04  to 2019-07-05
Location:  Saint-Raphaël, France


Date: From 2019-06-24  to 2019-06-25
Location:  Tours, France

Meet the Experts

Date: On 2019-06-20
Location:  Marseille, France

Nous vous invitons à cette demi-journée pour découvrir les solutions technologiques proposées par Pall Biotech pour la production d’anticorps monoclonaux. Nos experts seront…