MI-mAbs performs immunohistochemistry (IHC) and immunofluorescence (IF) analyses in collaboration with the histology platforms at the IPC (Institut Paoli-Calmettes) and the CRCM (Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Marseille).



Using a Ventana Discovery XT® instrument for easy automation and increased reproducibility and productivity, analyses can be performed on tissues of different nature and origin:

  • Murine or human (patient samples are obtained through the Institut Paoli-Calmettes)

  • Healthy or pathological

  • Frozen or paraffin-embedded

MI-mAbs counts on an IHC expert engineer and an experienced anatomopathologist (MD) for analysis of the stained sections.

  • Frozen and paraffin-embedded sample preparation and sectioning

  • Histology:

    • Classical dyes: HES (Hematoxyline Eosine Safran) and May-Grünwald-Giemsa (MGG) for tissue and cell morphology

    • Special dyes:  Trichrome de Masson, PAS, Bleu Alcian, etc.

  • Immunohistochemistry:

    • Immunostaining validation on frozen or FFPE tissues

    • IHC and IF multiplexing

  • Tissue microarrays of paraffin blocks: biomarker screening, simultaneous characterization of multiple samples

  • Slide scanning to obtain virtual slides for image analysis

  • Histopathology analysis

IHC analysis can be used at several steps throughout the development of a therapeutic antibody:

  • Validation and expression profiling of a target

  • Antibody specificity validation in tissues

  • Guide dose selection for downstream applications

  • Biomarker development if an antibody is intended for diagnostic purposes

  • Tissue organization in response to an antibody treatment (see In vivo immunopharmacology)