Antibody Bioanalysis & Safety

Antibody Bioanalysis & Safety

  • Maximum tolerated dose (MTD). Corresponds to the highest dose that produces a level of toxicity that remains acceptable and determines the antibody doses to use in subsequent in vivo experiments.

  • Pharmacokinetics (PK) aim to determine the fate of an Ab in a living mouse. Among other parameters, it defines the half-life of the antibody in the blood stream (by sampling or microsampling).

          Antibody quantification in the blood stream. Results are shown for two antibodies. LOQ: limit of quantification.


  • Pharmacodynamics (PD) aim to evaluate the effects that an antibody will have on the mouse. The parameters measured will depend on the expected mode of action of the mAb, but can include monitoring of cell populations in the blood stream or in different organs by flow cytometry.

  • Safety parameters include animal weight, general health status, blood counts, etc., as well as antibody immunogenicity.