Mouse genetic engineering

Mouse genetic engineering

The MImAbs – CIPHE partnership towards antibody validation

The process of antibody validation often requires the development of customized animal models. Through its partnership with CIPHE, MImAbs offers the most appropriate preclinical mouse models. CIPHE is a state-of-the-art infrastructure with expertise in the development of genetically modified sophisticated multi-allelic mouse models with SOPF status, using ES based and CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technologies, as well as multiparametric advanced analysis of immune cell populations and markers (Immunophenotyping). MImAbs and CIPHE join forces to provide in vitro and in vivo expertise creating the optimal integrated environment for validating antibodies and therapeutic targets in preclinical models. 


Most preclinical mouse models for mAb validation are knock-in mice:

  • Humanized mice in which single/multiple genes are replaced by the human ortholog(s), or a human gene that has no murine homolog is introduce into the mouse genome.

  • Reporter or tagged genes for expression, localization or interactomic analyses

  • Point mutants in particular genes of interest

Occasionally, knock-out mouse models may also be required during the preclinical development of mAbs and are also available through CIPHE:

  • Constitutive knock-outs

  • Conditional knock-outs (tissue-specific or inducible)

One example of a model generated by genetic engineering in collaboration with Ciphe is the CD3ε humanized mouse, which was created for the validation of bispecific antibodies and is fully explained under The Engine - CD3ε humanized mice.