The Highway

The Highway

The priority lane to an immunotherapy antibody candidate

MImAbs’ Highway is an integrated platform that concentrates in a single site the expertise and know-how required for the early stage development of candidate therapeutic antibodies in the fields of cancer and inflammation. Expert scientists with many years of experience in biotechnology have converged to create this unique structure able to perform from start to finish antibody generation, engineering and qualification in proof of concept in vitro experiments  and in vivo mouse models.

The Highway can be accessed at different entry points and offers a panel of integrated activities that will accelerate your journey to a proof-of-concept and validated candidate antibody.

A fully integrated platform for target and mab validation

Different projects have different needs; some will require a specific assistance at a given step of their development, while others require a more substantial contribution to their overall R&D process. MImAbs offers two types of approaches to adjust its services to every project: the highway from start-to-finish, an integrated offer that includes either all or a large portion of the services with in depth scientific advice from MImAbs, or R&D stretches to contract a single or a few services on offer.

No intellectual property is retained and using the platform opens access to tax credit for industry (Crédit Impôt Recherche).