From start to finish

From start to finish

Outsourcing R&D

For an approach that takes full advantage of the integrated character of MI-mAbs’ antibody platform, the Highway Start-to-Finish offers the possibility of outsourcing all or part of an R&D process, acting as a remote laboratory in the early stage generation and development of a therapeutic antibody candidate. This approach includes:

  • The establishment of a scientific work plan based on the team’s wealth of experience in immunotechnology

  • Generation, optimization, production, engineering (humanization, drug-coupling, etc.) of antibodies

  • Validation using in vitro and in vivo immunopharmacology


Start to Finish contract options

MI-mAbs allocates resources to “Start to Finish” projects. The contracts established are:

  • FTE-based, where an FTE corresponds to a full-time highly skilled scientist and covers all the activities offered on the platform, or

  • Cost-per-work packages, if the engagement required is of a lesser extent.

In either case, every program is allocated a project manager that follows its progression in an industry-like setting.