Direct Cytotoxicity Assays

Direct Cytotoxicity Assays

For antibodies whose target is expressed at the surface of cancer cells, MImAbs uses two main assays that measure cell proliferation and viability:


1. Real-time cell proliferation assay

Cells that express the target protein are cultured and treated with the compound to be tested. MImAbs uses the IncuCyte® ZOOM live-cell analysis system to follow cell proliferation & viability. This powerful and automated technique based on imaging of growing cells in an incubator provides real-time, high quality proliferation data.­­­­­


Cell proliferation assay. Adherent cells growing in wells 4h and 48h after plating (A). Growth curves obtained from the Incucyte® ZOOM live-cell system after treating cells with increasing concentrations of an ADC (B) or an isotype control (C).


2. Cell viability assay

Upon treatment with the compound to be tested, ATP production, which reflects metabolically active cells and therefore living cells, is quantified using the CellTiter Glo® Luminescent Cell Viability assay.