Antibody Bioproduction

Antibody Bioproduction

Milligram to gram scale production

MImAbs produces antibodies at the 100mg-scale, and will soon open a gram-scale bioproduction unit. Antibodies are purified and quality-controlled before handing back to a client or down to MImAbs’ immunopharmacology unit for functional testing.

MImAbs offers two different antibody expression modes:

  • Transient expression in HEK or CHO cells for rapid, one-shot production (1-2 weeks). Transient expression is usually sufficient in the initial stages of the development of an antibody.
  • Stable expression in CHO cell lines if repeated production cycles are required. This system can take up to 3 months from transfection to collection, but produces larger quantities of antibody.

MImAbs works at early stages towards a smooth transition between transient and stable expression systems to ensure the developability of candidate antibodies.

MImAbs produces antibodies from 1mg up to 400mg; the scale chosen depends on downstream applications:

  • In vitro studies require 1-2mg of antibody. Cells are grown in 25mL Cultiflasks and incubated in a Sartorius Certomat CT shaking incubator. MImAbs can produce up to 30 antibodies in parallel at this scale within 2 weeks time.
  • In vivo studies require up to 400mg, for which cells are grown in roller bottles in a volume of up to 5-6L. Under transient expression, 5 to 8 antibodies are produced in parallel at this scale within 8 weeks; under stable expression, 2 antibodies are produced in 12 days.

MImAbs will shortly open a bioproduction unit to offer gram-scale antibody production.

Standard bioproduction process in bioreactors.

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Antibodies are purified by affinity chromatography. They are formulated in either PBS or another buffer as required. The antibodies are characterized and quality-controlled to determine the parameters below:


Measurement Technique


UV absorbance at 280nm

Molecular weight

Mass spectrometry (Xevo G2S-QTof, Waters)

Level of monomer purity

SEC-UPLC (UPLC Class Bio, Waters)

Long term stability & formulation

Mass spectrometry (Xevo G2S-QTof, Waters)



Endotoxin level

Kinetic Chromogenic LAL Test


The results of these analyses are compiled in a deliverable Certificate of Analysis.

  • Determination of the Ab Tm by thermal shift assay (TSA) in the Ab formulation buffer (PBS 1X, pH 7,2- 7,4)
  • Determination of the accelerated thermal stability of the Abs by incubation at 40°C for 4 weeks followed by SEC_UPLC analysis

Early-stage characterization is performed on purified antibodies after small-scale production:

  • Soluble target: determination of the KD (Octet RED96, PALL ForteBIO)
  • Membrane targets: determination of the EC50/apparent KD (FACS)

Functional tests are then performed in the in vitro pharmacology platform.