Available Cell Lines

Available Cell Lines

In addition to custom cell lines developed for specific purposes, a number of cell lines are readily available at MImAbs for in vitro assays. These include:


Native cell lines:

  • Raji, Karpas 299, P815, KG1, MOLM13, THP1, B16F10, EL4, C1498, MC38, CT26, GL26, PANC01, BXPC3, HCT116, HT1080, GM….

  • AML cells, ALL cells, breast cancer cells and other primary cells from patient samples available through the CRCM and IPC


Modified cell lines:

  • Bioluminescent cancer cell lines (AML, ALL, pancreatic cancer).

  • Cells that overexpress a target: performed on demand


A full list of the cell lines currently available can be found below.